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Schweinfurt has much more to offer than industry and technology. Schweinfurt is a city of short distances and great diversity. Friendships are formed quickly here, and its conveniently compact dimensions make it an easy city to enjoy. Wonderful places to relax abound – by the water, in the vineyards, and in the city centre itself. This city on the river Main also scores with its very well developed infrastructure, high quality of life, and moderate cost of living.

Chilling out on a budget

Recreation doesn't always have a price tag: The An den Eichen wildlife park, the swimming lake that was once a gravel pit, the Wehranlagen recreation area, and the river Main and its banks are ideal and – most importantly – free places to hang out with friends and relax.

Multifaceted arts and culture

Whether it's art in a cube (Georg Schäfer Museum), exhibitions in the former swimming baths (Kunsthalle), jazz and cabaret performances in the Disharmonie cultural workshop or the alternative club scene based in the Stattbahnhof cultural centre – the arts and culture in Schweinfurt are colourful and extraordinary. There is also a theatre featuring exquisite visiting productions, and several cinemas – from multi-award-winning arthouse to blockbuster multiplex.

Going out is an important cultural tradition in the life of the city, as the citizens of Schweinfurt enjoy a celebration, and do so frequently! Whether it's the Honky Tonk pub festival, the city fair, the Pflasterklang buskers festival, the local borough's church fete, the Nachsommer late summer party, the fairground, the Nacht der Kultur or a wine festival – a reason to party is never hard to find. And in between the festivals, the large and diverse pub scene is always ready to tempt the reveller.

Outdoor activities: rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing

The surrounding area also offers numerous opportunities for an active lifestyle, including rock climbing and mountain biking in the Steigerwald and Haßberge ranges, or skiing in the Rhön mountains. Much fun is also to be had canoeing on the Main river, cycling through the Frankonian vineyards, or at the many wine festivals in the region.

Attractive job market

Schweinfurt is one of the most dynamic and innovative cities in Germany, and has one of the Federal Republic's highest job densities. For students, this makes not only for optimal learning conditions during their studies, but also for excellent future career prospects after graduation.

How to get to Campus Konrad-Geiger-Straße

From the main train station in Schweinfurt, you can take the Campus Express to the FH/Friedrich-Ebert-Straße stop. This line runs every 20 minutes between 7:44 and 19:15 (Monday to Friday) during university teaching periods.

Alternatively, take bus lines 11 or 12 towards Roßmarkt and alight at the Roßmarkt stop. From there, take bus lines 22 or 24 towards Bellevue and alight at the FH/Friedrich-Ebert-Straße stop. From the bus stop, follow Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, then turn right into Konrad-Geiger-Straße. The campus building is now on your left.

GPS coordinates

N 50° 2' 43.656" E 10° 13' 14.664"

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