The THWS TWIN Programme Robotics

Start your international career now!

THWS is an international university of applied sciences aiming to optimally prepare its students for the challenges of the global labour market. One of the keys to achieving this goal lies in offering TWIN bachelor’s degree programmes, where identical content is taught in both German and English.

Even during their programme, students have the option to switch within the bilingual units offered, thus developing their intercultural competency and improving their international career opportunities.

Worldwide career opportunities for robotics engineers

By moving into the field of robotics, THWS is continuing the success story of its TWIN teaching concept. Alongside 'Robotik' the German-language bachelor's degree programme, a programme with identical content – 'Robotics' – is offered in English at the same time. Students accessing the bilingual programme units and exams offered, will, after successful completion of their bachelor's degree, receive a TWIN certificate, adding an international flavour to their skills portfolio.

The English-language equivalent titled 'Robotics' (TWIN programme) is intended to be established in the same format at international partner universities (World TWIN). 

With the introduction of robotics degree programmes at several Bavarian Universities of Applied Science, this type of higher education institutions is continuing its tradition of forging the engineers of the future, and thus further increasing its appeal.

The internationalisation of the bachelor's degree programme in robotics offers three crucial advantages:

  1. It makes the worldwide exchange of students and lecturers, as well as studying double or multiple degrees easier.
  2. Students acquire foundational skills for the future world of work.
  3. It promotes cross-border cooperation in applied research.
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